Advisory Services

We provide professional advisory services at the portfolio, programme and project level in assisting our private and public sector clients to achieve their investment objectives.

Our team of dedicated advisors brings a wealth of commercial structuring and financial modelling experience with a strong track record in transport and healthcare infrastructure to support informed built asset funding, procurement and delivery.


  • King Fahad Hospital
  • Seychelles
  • Indonesia


Andrew Ward, Director Advisory Services


Strategy Development

We assist our client to transform a series of disparate idea, concepts and thoughts into a coherent, definable and measurable strategy.

Business Cases

We work with our clients to develop succinct, robust and focused feasibility studies and business cases.  These studies provide a comprehensive view of an opportunity and the potential risk and rewards.

Within the business case document, we:

  • carefully consider the financial and commercial structures which will underpin the project
  • appropriately allocate risk between the parties to the project
  • ensure the proposed commercial arrangements are economically viable over the long term.

Procurement Strategy

We advise on the full range of procurement options available to infrastructure projects – from traditional Design & Build through to concession (BOT, BOO, PPP etc.) based contracts.

Board & Investment Papers

We draft and review Board papers for our clients, to ensure that the key messages, benefits and risks are clearly articulated and set out for Senior Management and Key Stakeholders to consider.

Lead Advisory Services

We lead projects or bids on behalf of our clients, taking responsibility for the management of other advisors, internal negotiations and agreements.

Commercial Negotiations

Our senior team lead contractual negotiations on behalf of our clients. We negotiate commercially viable agreements, while obtaining the best possible position for our clients.

Financial Modelling

We develop and build bespoke financial models to support our clients’ bids for projects or transactions in the Infrastructure, Real Estate and Utilities sectors. We also have the skills and experience to review 3rd party models, and highlight where additional optimisation or efficiencies could be achieved.

Operational Financial Modelling & Reviews

We review the actual performance of projects against the projected base case returns. We highlight the reasons for cashflow variances and using bespoke financial models, forecast the likely impact on overall shareholder value. Our clients use this information to amend operational processes, renegotiation contractual terms or divest from projects to ensure the maximum shareholder value is realised.

Due Diligence

We provide our clients with robust, reliable and timely due diligence. We highlight the potential risks and pitfalls surrounding a project, as well as areas where potential value can be generated.